What Do You Conceiving When I Said Kalimantan?

This is Heaven Island that Middle Easterner said with a long view from a hill to broadness of tropical forest. Morning rise an indigenous child is running to the river with typical joke and laugh of them, “balarut” that’s we say when we going to the river, with equipment modestly from wood we fring the river go to middle of jungle. The forests in an island with closeness area located between South China Sea and Java Sea and also splitting by equator line make this island and its dweller rich with the culture and biodiversity. People said this island is Kalimantan! On the way go to the middle of jungle, we have become interesting object from the monkeys, “hirangan” my friend’s screaming beside show indicate some creature with fury of black chromatic above a tree from Dipterocarpus family. Every holiday we have entering to the forest with anglor from bamboo and a sumpit the traditional weapon for catching the fish; in the forest we have accompanied by chip birds with motley his colors. That is picturing my life when I was child 12 years ago.

Binocular farther, “former when the colonization epoch moment, with have capital mandau and bravery we wading the jungle for communicating to other indigenous combatant”. That my grand – grand father has narrating to my mother with life legend in that’s story. In the middle of jungle hinterland we meet the big monkey with red lustrous furry which in the darkness jungle like asking for Frey on the glowering them eye, with them we must have extra alert because them more than dangerous from the tiger with his claw and the bangkuy monkey with his self defenses good movement. That’s Kalimantan Island which is legend one last century, the island with one thousand fantasies which is true have there is.

The Environment and Global Warming

Entering the modern centaury, in sufficient range of time, the environment especially the forest problem is assumed as marginal issue from friezes several of the problems appearing on surface. During the time the problems of forest is not assumed by hot issue, if is compared to various issue, like democracy, human right, and politic.

In spanning time old ones (since industrializations evocation, which marked by industry revolution), natural resource management which has directing for accomplishment of life appetite, which tilled uncontrollably. With a purpose to creating overflow of properties, nature resource has exploited without paying attention balance aspect. As a result, various occurrences ecology disaster has become reality portrait to the product nature management during the time. Extraction uncontrolled to natural life has causing the environment on hot spot of ruination. Matter which I can paying attention former rear my house there are watercourse and also closeness forest area, me and my friend often entering the forest for catch the fish and also search a fruits, but along the nun of time the forest which our place playing has been evolutions to be housing.

Forest area conversion and peat farm has evolutions to be plantation of palm oil, Industrial Crop Forest (HTI), and other industrious (like the mining) has destroyed ecosystem life. Speed of deforestation our nature forest during the time has mounting to feeling concerned conditions. Though in this time Indonesia has recognized by once of which have wade tropical forest area in the world after Brazil with his Amazon the tropical forest. The data from Department of Forestry mentioning wide of Indonesia forest area reaching more than 120 million hectare. And from that’s area on year of 1997 Indonesia has lost 72 percent from its genuiness forest [World Resource Institute, 1997]. Hewing uncontrolled Indonesia forest during tens of year has causing decrease of tropical forest on a large scale.

This is a deforestation account of a big island in Indonesia 5 years ago



Deforestation (Ha/year)





2000 – 2001





2001 – 2002





2002 – 2003





2003 – 3004





2004 – 2005








Source: Forestry Department Republic of Indonesia 2009

From above account, we can see the guide of forest deforestation in Kalimantan from 2000th have increase continue and have big decrease in 2002nd, but it was increase again in 2005th. This above account show that the damaged and quick of deforestation in Kalimantan so cause influence in life of all life creative who be in Kalimantan indirectly namely global warming.

How does climate change affect you?

The quick of deforestation in Indonesia, especially in Kalimantan give very big influence in the change of nature situation. Since fell started in forest on a large scale for industry need (necessary), nature situation of Kalimantan changeable so far. For example, before 1980th situation in Tanah Bumbu never have (experience) flood, but since do exploiting at Kalimantan forest product to occur, mainly such as wood situation change on large scale. 10 years ago Tanah Bumbu have regular habitual, be subscriber flood annually. The influence have start tasted make society conscious with the important forest for support the human life for continually; The other influence of deforestation in Kalimantan is the rivers start to narrow in Kalimantan. The thing that I was very remember when I was child in 1996th we often to play in stream of Barito rivers, which is in former days, rivers that the places we play have water color that very pure (clear) and wide of the river according to us very enough for playing. To come in 1998th and further, the narrow of river start taste; sector of establishment happen in everywhere; other things that we taste is the increase of temperature. In Kalimantan with enlarge establishment along with (accompanied by) fell of forest.

The exploitation of forest product continually make me sure that can very to influence in the next life, this things can we think that many forest to fell, so to little carbon emission that can reserved temporary sector industry still continue, and continually causes to increase also the gas composition of glass house in atmosphere of world and surely to increase the world temperature globally.

Source: WRL, CAIT, 2007

From that’s diagram we can see that 18.7 % source of green house effect has made from Land-use change and forestry from his source function.

The increase of world temperature give a big influence in life that was continue, especially the life of society in my place stay that can I see directly. May be in the next not only Tanah Bumbu that will be subscriber of flood, but also big city such as Banjarmasin. This things causes interference in life many aspect indirectly, such as causes the stop of many industry until cause increase of unemployment and total of poverty; indirectly also cause interference in safety and other aspect in human life; cause by decrease stage of human life.

The other influence are may be in the next, the story of Kalimantan that entitled the fantasy island with a thousand river into Kalimantan only will be narration for the next generation. The tropical forest that pride of indigenous society in Kalimantan only will be a real legend that ever been life, and the next only will be Kalimantan with carpet of spacious desert with very high temperature so cause poverty globally.

Industrial Development of Paper and the Influence to Existence Kalimantan Forests

One of the wood Kalimantan forest exploiting is in use of wood fibre for production of Papier Mache. According by WWF 40 % use result from cutting the tree of forest is used to pulp and paper industrial requirement.

Growth of paper and pulp industries in Indonesia really amazes. Manufacture paper capacities in the year 1987 equal to 980.000 ton, and than in the year 1997 has mounting sharply become 7.232.800 ton. Pursuant to extension plan and investment newly on the year 1998-2005 hence paper industrial product capacities to the last year of 2005 become 13.696.170 tons [APKI Directory, 1997].

And so do the things of with pulp industry. On the year 1987 pulp industrial product capacities newly reach 515.000 ton, than on the year 1997 mounting to become 3.905.000 ton. Meanwhile, on the year 1998-1999 has planned addition of production capacities become 1.390.000 ton. Thereby, on the last year of 1999 total of capacity pulp industry can reach 5.295.600 ton. Addition of reach production capacities by pulp industries which have there is and existence of new infestation on the year 2000-2005 adding capacity of pulp industry production on the last year 2005 become 12.745.600 ton from total production.

Department of Forestry giving opportunity to pulp and paper industries are using wood from nature forest if inclusion of wood from industrial crop forest (HTI) not yet ready cause have any effect existence of development trouble two least year. “Policy using of wood from nature forest for pulp and paper industries might possibly be lengthened,” Forestry Minister said MS Kaban in Jakarta. [Kompas, (Jumat 9/1)].

This matter indirectly gives the big effect to life all mortal that goes on, include in Kalimantan as recognized island which have the tropical rain forest with high closeness, and indirectly give an effect to global climate too.

How can you tackle climate change through youth-led solutions?

Paper has become part of requirement to mankind. Paper has used in most of all life motion, from authentication valuable contract billion rupiah, till for the sweeping of dirt.

The philosophy about paper foundered genuineness for education interest, history and the keeper of documents have valuable on the old time for can understanding by the next generation. But in the growth, papers have the biggest function. Moreover, now moment consumption the papers more than 60% have function for commercial interest, like the pack cosmetic, food pack, and pack of expensive jewelries. And, a culture of anomaly had to happened, where the technology more advances, customizing the paper now high and not less.

Indonesia society consumption every year experiencing of increase, this matter can be seen in this table:

Data Statistic Production and Consumptions paper in the year 2000 – 2004 (include tons)


Production Capacity




Noted Consumption































Source: Indonesian Pulp & Paper Association Directory 2005

Based on the problems my observation, necessary of paper never have loss from the students of Lambung Mangkurat University (UNLAM), the students needed the paper for make reports of their practical work, for make this reports, very often happened the fault, that faults cause more much customer the paper that needed by the students until the customizing of paper more wasteful.

Generally, every the new students UNLAM every month spending two rim the papers or 1000 thread paper that, 500 thread between become the useless trash. In the case of counting with the systematic method, if every month me and the other students using papers with size 70 gram, so every month me and the other students using the paper with value 70.000 gram, or be equal with 70 kg and the half from that is 35 kg become the waste paper not to using

Following the accounting Rainforest Information Centre every student using 1 ton be equivalent with felled 17 tree, so if accounted with the course, me and the other students every month using the paper for make the reports be equivalent with felled 0,9 tree per person and trash 0,35 tree with the useless.

Following the table amount of exact student and also estimate of use the paper every month in Lambung Mangkurat Univ.:



Amount of Students generation of 2008

A paper has consumption

Equivalent calculation of cut away tree




3.990 kg

67,83 tree




10.500 kg

178,5 tree




3.780 kg

64,26 tree


Mathematic and Nature Sciences


24.500 kg

416,5 tree




28.000 kg

476 tree




10.500 kg

178,5 tree


81.180 kg

1381,59 tree

From the estimate table, we can see about 50% papers / 40,950 papers have been used become a trash that was not useless again, that is balance with logged 690,795 trees through useless. This is a very big wasteful and surely will be give a big influence to forest eternity.

To solve this problem, I have some alternative idea that can use as a attentive step in indirect using papers have a role as a forest conservation action as carbon intimate and as a balance of nature condition, this my advices:

  1. More attentive with which one the file will be print,

Commonly, UNLAM students done to quickly when they want to print the report value, what the have done. This problems make more papers threw useless because more mistake in that’s report. So I think do it more elaborate correction to the file which one they want print so as so the mistake can be minimize.

  1. Using papers more efficiency,

Format that used in the pages setting ought to using standard setting, in order to can economize the columns of paper until customizing paper can be pressured , another methods that using standard alphabet font which can rode, this methods can profitable economize columns of paper until using paper become more minimize.

  1. Using paper which have thickness minimum,

This thing can profitable for economize , many the students using paper with thickness 70 gram and 80 gram, this things in fact can be minimized with using paper with have thickness 50 or 60 gram.

  1. Using again the paper which had used,

This method had practiced by the students of faculty of forestry in Bogor Agricultural University; they made the report profitable second papers, until not happen the big wasting.

  1. Using technology for writing and collecting the result report of students,

This method very efficient for minimize using the paper, for alternative which the report collected ought to in digital form. Where indirect the using papers which not efficient cant pressure economize.

Five methods on top can validation for doing economize of papers, but based on activity which I am analyze, wasteful customizing of paper by the students every month, are the problems which need attention to look for the good solutions, in below some my opinion on the exploit paper, there are:

  1. Socializations about the second rotation of trash to all students, until the second trashes which there for of report fault can to collected again become one

    1. Founding the businessman activities from the youth especially from the students of university to second rotation again that papers, until where indirect from the small community in the university can pressuring the speed of fells the trees indirectly, there are where indirectly too can open the new of field job.

That’s methods must be executing, not just idea on the paper cause some problem not can be done without do something.


Global warming is a complicated issue, so why people seems too furious with that? Actually, they only effort to save by themselves. When the earth supplies many resources, people try to explore it maximally. But when the earth begins to enter in solid term and show up a friendliness attitude, people make a competition to save by themselves. Briefly, how to save the nature condition now which one the earth is not friendly again beside people’s necessary always insistent and never stop to explore the nature? The answer is beginning it from the little things and from you. From this little thing it will make a big change if all of people follow it. So, save our forest for save our climate to get better a life and let’s starting from thrift a paper.

Forest for water, water for life…

(Heart of Borneo)

Reference: (Article : Hemat Kertas Selamatkan Dunia!). (Forestry Statistic of Indonesia). (Article: Dephut Izinkan Gunakan Kayu Hutan Alam). intro_factsheet_27nov07_lr.pdf (Article: Deforestation and Climate Change). (Article: Jangan Rusak Kehidupan Kami Dengan HTI dan Tumbuhan Monokultur). (Article: Industri Pulp dan Kertas Ancaman Baru Terhadap Hutan Alam Indonesia).


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